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Sow seeds directly into soil with approximately 12 seeds per foot. Space rows 10 inches apart. Thin leaf lettuce/arugula/mizuna to 4 inch spacing and romaine and butterhead to 6 inch.

It is best to provide a moderate amount of water frequently. Salad greens do not enjoy drought. Mulch with a layer of clean straw to help the soil retain moisture. Water deeply at least twice a week.

Lettuce and other greens require the soil to be fertile and rich when the seeds are sown. Amend with compost at planting or transplanting. Feed lettuce plants a balanced organic fertilizer.

Bolting is an expected outcome of lettuce and other greens, some varieties will begin to create seeds faster than others. When a lettuce plant bolts it creates a tall stalk that will grow flowers and eventually seeds. Once a plant has bolted the leaves are still edible but will be less tasty.

All of our seeds are heirloom variety, let the plants go to seed and collect the seeds for use next year.

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